About Us

The Founder team have spent the last 20+ years in the trading and execution layer of capital markets. (Defined as automating the pricing, hedging and cost-efficient processing of transactions).

This automation wave created multiple billion-dollar technology companies and displaced incumbent people-only workflows. This segment of the investment industry rebalanced from human-intensive to machine-driven.

The team built on this experience of automating decisions in the transaction layer and focused on the highest point of the capital markets value chain, the capital allocation decision. Across the entire landscape of capital markets, the majority of decisions regarding the “allocation of capital” are made by people which is becoming prohibitively expensive.

The Team knew that decisions could be made with greater precision and more economically using machines, augmenting Portfolio Managers, Analysts, Risk Officers, Traders, Advisors etc. The automation of this layer is the next super trend in capital markets which will create the next generation of multi-billion-dollar companies.

Together we created Emmalyn, the investment industry’s first generative AI Analyst who today powers allocation decisions across a substantial landscape in capital markets.