Founded in 2016, BlueFire AI has a clear vision to support the Investment Industry by democratising access to intelligence. We may call it “Vision”, but our “Purpose” is clear – for Emmalyn to be the most profitable way to allocate and reallocate capital.

Our Culture flows from our Vision through our Identity and Philosophy into our two core Values – Innovate and Be Useful (drive client equity). These naturally link to four key economic outcomes: creating new assets, leveraging existing assets, generating new revenue, building net dollar retention.

Our Philosophy – own your space – which hardwires our culture to outputs instead of managed inputs, builds genuine ownership. This flat structure enables rapid decisions at the point of need eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy. 

Our Identity – diverse teams unconstrained – talks to the diversity of our talented teams. Our desire to create the best work each of us has ever done, and hold true to our value of invention, means we will continue to invent rapidly, as we have to date.

Our Future stems from our past, and BlueFire AI continues to develop our culture using external support and investing in R&D in the possibilities for technology and culture.

As we approach the 3rd phase of our growth story from Startup (Phase 1), through Scaleup (Phase 2) and on to maturity as a technology provider, we will continue to focus heavily on maintaining the core DNA of the business, which results in our people being Valued, Connected and Engaged.

Valued – we value our talent as scarcer than capital. We will create opportunities for development and owning new and expanded spaces. We will recognise and celebrate milestones. We’re building better working environments and improving our people practices.

Connected – we are globally dispersed but need to remain highly connected to each other and the culture. We will be investing in off-sites, exchanges, internal marketing and communication, and social connection.

Engaged & Supported – we will actively seek to reinforce our culture at every point in the employee lifecycle. We will also continue to develop our culture using external support and invest in R&D in the possibilities for technology and culture.

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