Meet Emmalyn

The world’s first AI-powered risk analyst delivering precise, actionable insights tailored to the needs of your risk process. In a world saturated with information Emmalyn meticulously cuts through the noise helping you to focus on the areas where risks are changing in the companies you have exposure to. Utilizing AI and machine learning techniques, Emmalyn analyses patterns and trends in global Credit and Equity markets, financial and cash flow statements, and news flow in multiple languages. This intelligent analysis enables Emmalyn to detect subtle shifts in risk dynamics, offering you a focused view on the evolving risks in monitored companies. Emmalyn’s capabilities extend to predicting potential risk events before they surface, by correlating disparate data points and interpreting their implications thus informing your risk processes. With Emmalyn, the Unforeseen is Understood, arming you with tailored insights that empower well-informed decisions in a rapidly changing financial landscape.

From Unforeseen to Understood

Unforeseen Events have the potential to interrupt the most robust risk management process. Emmalyn provides a market-leading solution that delves deep into intricate company dynamics, alerting you to relevant changes. Integrating Emmalyn solves two critical issues, early identification of event risk and the timing of your intervention thus optimizing risk mitigation (seen here as the orange early warning markers overlayed against price history). The outcome is robust, informed decision-making – Unforeseen is now Understood.

Precision Meets Explainability

Emmalyn - Fundamental Risk Analyst Aug’23

“[Company]’s stock fell sharply by 23% after reporting a surprise loss in the second quarter of 2023, amid weak market demand and lower consumer spending. The company saw a reduction in asset liquidity and plans to sell assets worth $1 billion while considering further cost reductions. With the 12-month earnings yield at a 10-year low, there are concerns about overvaluation. The firm’s credit rating was downgraded to “B” with a negative outlook, after a $3.67 billion decrease in asset market value, potentially affecting funding costs.”

Data Visualisation: The Emmalyn Advantage

Overview: Data visualisation allows for an intuitive analysis of the company’s balance sheet and cash flow statements.

Visualising the evolution of a company’s fundamental history allows for timely detection of irregularities, pinpointing where further investigation may be required. Displaying the financial health of the company’s historical norm versus industry peers enhances the speed-to-decision regarding risk mitigation. In addition, Emmalyn employs discrete models for risk detection in Banks, Insurers, Property Companies and Non-Banks. SCAN – Balance Sheet Data Visualised

Credit Risk: Unbiased, Unrestricted, Uninterrupted

Where traditional agencies falter, Emmalyn thrives. Proprietary Credit analytics efficiently gathers issuer information providing a score reflective of fundamental credit stress (Credit Stress Measure “CSM”) and an objective Implied Rating. Monitor rating trends, assess the potential for a credit event over the upcoming 12 months, and gain a holistic view by integrating equity and credit insights. Emmalyns consistent horizon scanning ensures you remain informed and able to proactively mitigate potential credit events.

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Harness the Power of Behavioural Analysis

Informed Investor Insight. Tap into the insights from over 38,000 analysts and 270,000 investors with Emmalyn’s analysis of Earnings forecasts and the Holdings data of Active institutional investors. Smart Consensus forecasts from top-performing analysts shed light on future Earnings dynamics, combined with active Equity and bond Conviction data shed light on informed investor sentiment.

Elevate Your Decision Making with BlueFire AI

In today’s rapidly shifting financial landscape, having a reliable partner to navigate the complexities of risk assessment and credit analysis is invaluable. BlueFire AI’s Emmalyn stands as a testament to innovation, offering unparalleled insights that empower your institution to make strategic, informed decisions. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your financial operations to the next level. Reach out to BlueFire AI today and discover how Emmalyn can transform your approach to Risk Management.