Introducing Emmalyn.

An Artificial Intelligence built to expose real risks to your portfolio.

The World’s first autonomous AI Analyst.

Emmalyn is the world’s first autonomous AI Analyst. She is a unique combination of ground-breaking technology, new innovation in mathematics and deep domain knowledge with 5+ years of relevant industry experience.

Emmalyn delivers a powerful new ‘perspective’ in investment risk management. Founded in probability and enriched by oceans of data, Emmalyn’s insights enhance incumbent processes by informing decision making, providing scale and efficiency with minimal need for IT integration.

Emmalyn solves two critical issues in the institutional investment industry today, Scale and Cost. Put simply, Emmalyn aspires to be the most efficient conduit to the allocation and re-allocation of capital.

Are you ready to invest and empower your valuable human talent?

For more information, please download Emmalyn’s CV below.