The Future

We have a culture at Blue Fire AI of engaging with highly innovative people, organisations and industry bodies and are always on the lookout for original thinkers to join our Team.

We utilise the latest technologies, infrastructure, and models available commercially to enhance Emmalyn’s performance. Being unconstrained, enables us to leverage the latest and most effective technologies whilst building proprietary abilities in areas specific to capital markets that generic solutions are unable to address.

We are constantly developing new technologies and are one of the few Fintech companies that conduct primary research and development. We have in-house capabilities as well as formalised collaborations with leading academic institutions and industry specialists. We endeavour to progress technologies that solve real-world capital market challenges.

Beyond technology, we are pioneering the way machine intelligence complements existing human workflows across capital markets, an unsolved and complex problem. The relationship between AI-generated intelligence and human intelligence is an area of significant development and will set the direction of the industry over the coming decades.

Inventing New Technologies (Research & Development)

Emmalyn evolves constantly via additional training, increased access to data and sophisticated mathematical modelling as part of her cognitive framework. We are working to make Emmalyn’s decisions more useful for capital allocation, and subsequently incorporating decision support for Executives of the companies themselves:

  • Simplifying Emmalyn’s outputs to improve explainability whilst preserving her precision
  • Progressing the company’s evolution pathways from only detecting unrecognised risks to also capturing unacknowledged growth potential
  • Building the world’s first algorithmic fundamental analytic model globally focused and benchmarked against the most performant human-based research

Artificial Intelligence and Human Workflows

The industry struggles with a “black box” decision system. Our consistent innovation working at the intersection of human and machine-augmented workflows has helped progress adoption of Artificial Intelligence over the last seven years. Our R&D continues to focus on areas including:

  • UI Design in the Machine Intelligence Era
  • Push to action at the point of need delivery workflows
  • Humanisation of AI
  • Psychology of adoption

Generative AI

We are in the early stages of utilizing text-based generative AI, specifically in the following areas:

  • Text-based generation with precision in Capital Markets
  • Automated labelling to train domain-specific proprietary algorithms
  • Proprietary implementations of Large Language Models, creating IP and not leaking IP
  • Exploring questions around how generative AI impacts product design, workflows and adoption in Capital Markets.

AI Ops

All industries mature – as does technology and its application in capital markets. The world is evolving from DevOps (development operations) to incorporating AI-based activities and processes. We are working on the following new definitions of these teams, exploring:

  • Retraining of algorithms as a process performed by a dedicated AI Ops team away from researchers
  • Bootstrapping model benchmarking as an operational process rather than a research process
  • Implementing feature selection for sub-clusters of target companies in a dynamic adaptive manner rather than the use of research resources

Elevate Your Decision Making with BlueFire AI

In today’s rapidly shifting financial landscape, having a reliable partner to navigate the complexities of risk assessment and credit analysis is invaluable. BlueFire AI’s Emmalyn stands as a testament to innovation, offering unparalleled insights that empower your institution to make strategic, informed decisions. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your financial operations to the next level. Reach out to BlueFire AI today and discover how Emmalyn can transform your approach to Risk Management.